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Roxanne is a one-woman economic recovery program.”


Let Roxanne Help You Build a Culture That Rox!

What Audiences
Say About Roxanne

"I've lost count of the number of people who said you literally changed their lives and they can't wait to go back to their offices to begin implementing ideas from your session."

—Chris Carosella, Executive Vice President, CMD Operations Strategy & Communication, Countrywide

"You were easily the favorite presenter on the written evaluations we asked the attendees to complete. Everyone returning an evaluation rated you an ‘A’ (excellent), with many adding spontaneous pluses and comments such as ‘fabulous’ and ‘inspiring.’"

—Thomas O’Dowd, Director of Meetings, Alliance of American Insurers

"...We have never received so many positive comments about a speaker! People have gone out of their way to tell me that they enjoyed the morning and that they were impressed with how quickly you were able to help us to come up with concrete action steps. The enthusiasm you generated was great!"

—Tonia Schulz, Armstrong & Schulz

"You hit a HOME RUN with our organization. We send a survey to our partners…you had the highest rating ever by an outside speaker! I had numerous conversations with people since the meeting telling me about how they have taken something and applied it. That is the “meat on the bone” we were looking for at our meeting!"

—John Miller, Director of Retail, Best-One

"In conference evaluation forms nearly ALL of the 215 attendees made it a point to hand-write comments on your performance (we did not ask them to do this). On a scale of 1 to 5, you scored a 10!"

—Sam Spinello, Northeast Regional Director, EDS

What Clients Say
About Roxanne

"In just one half day, Roxanne achieved our desire to have our managers better understand where we are…as well as what we are going through as a company. By unanimous consent, our management team has requested that Roxanne return and keep working with us."

—Dave Roberts, SPHR, Director, Human Resources, CES International

"You received the highest score from the audience. I would recommend you with no hesitation. You were a tremendous asset to our meeting."

—Dr. Sarah Layton, CMC, Chair, Corporate Strategy Institute

"We rarely have a speaker come back to a similar audience. This is the third time you have spoken to our client conference and each time you continue to deliver…"

—Carol Parker, Manager, Meetings & Events, Experian

"You certainly took our group to the next level! Thank you so much for the wisdom and laughter you provided!"

—Vickie Thoreson, Regional Sales Director, Blue Cross & Blue Shield United

"Roxanne created change…"

—Dave Benoit, NPSC

"Everyone left the meeting feeling like they were a star—a key contributor to our successes. You were the catalyst that allowed us to not only openly share our appreciation for each other but to also laugh and have fun… Lessons were learned!"

—Sherry Engebretsen, Vice President, Operations, FORTIS

Roxanne Emmerich is the only speaker in the country to have been listed as a top speaker in three categories at the same timeorganizational culture, leadership, and communication.

Successful Meetings magazine listed her as the top speaker in the country on organizational change.


Work has never looked like this before…
and looming economic realities will reshape it even more.

  • You need to attract and retain employees as they demand flexibility, opportunity, and meaning in their work.
  • You need to attract and retain high-profit customers as they demand products and services that deliver value beyond expectations.
  • You need to satisfy board members, shareholders, and partners as they demand “no excuses” performance.

It’s all possible…
but ONLY when you have a clear performance culture that:

  • Ignites personal intrinsic motivation,
  • Ties everyone to profit in a “No-BS” way, and
  • Sparks a perpetual enthusiasm that fires employees up and has them exclaiming, “Thank God it’s Monday!” instead of “Thank God it’s Friday!”

Roxanne’s forthcoming report details the precise practices (and the human behavior-based strategies behind them) to transform your workplace to a performance culture.

[Roxanne] charges into the future, where employee fulfillment and customer service work hand-in-hand to create bottomline results.

—Stephen M. R. Covey

Author of The Speed of Trust


Real-World Results
Beat Rah-Rah
Every Time

Roxanne is renowned for sparking culture transformations that take organizations on a complete 180…

  • Within 60 days, doubling customer service scores
  • Within five months, 92% of clients double their
  • Within one year, doubling the number of high-profit accounts
  • Within three years, doubling profits for more than 70% of clients
  • Within four years, more than 72% of Roxanne’s clients are named to a Best Places to Work list for the first time

Roxanne was inducted into the National Speakers Association CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame® in 2007


Culture makes it possible to…

  • Tie every team member to profit on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis,
  • Teach team members how to have a 90% close rate while commanding premium pricing,
  • Attract, engage, and retain the best of the best talent,
  • Turn a “TGIF” organization into a Best Place to Work, and
  • Engage every team member to hold each other accountable.

The members choosing to stay for your afternoon session were two to three times the normal number… So many attendees had good things to say… Also, I wanted you to know we sold every one of your books from our back-of-the-room table. This clearly was a first.”

—Bruce M. Pierce,

Director, GSA



Growing up milking cows and plowing fields on a Wisconsin dairy farm, Roxanne went on to accomplish and achieve recognition including:

  • NY Times and International Best-Selling Author
  • Recipient of the Excellence in Leadership Award from the Transformational Leadership Council
  • National Speakers Association CPAE Hall of Fame® Speaker
  • 3,000+ Speaking Engagements Across Nearly Every Industry (2,700+ as Opening Keynote)
  • 3-Time Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner
  • Recipient of the Nido Qubein Philanthropist of the Year Award
  • University of Wisconsin Distinguished Alumna 2003
  • Founder and CEO of The Emmerich Group®
  • Frequently Interviewed on CNN, Fox, CBS, and More

Keynote speaker for:

Having a dynamic and inspiring keynote speaker was critical to the event’s overall success. Roxanne came highly recommended and her energy, delivery, and keynote topic exceeded our expectations and those of our guests, as evidenced by the high marks she received on our post-conference evaluation.”

—Nancy Conner,

Vice President / Director of Marketing, InterCept


Although Roxanne’s Thank God It’s Monday! speech is by far her most requested—and has been for years—what’s unique about Roxanne is that she goes in and solves problems based upon the unique context of a workplace, transforming revenue and culture.

The extreme customization to create results is her secret sauce.

Slide Image 1

Thank God It's Monday! How to Build a Motivating Workplace

Based on her best-selling business book by the same name, in this presentation Roxanne reveals:.

  • What leads to people bringing all of their passion, commitment, skills and enthusiasm to the workplace every day
  • How to bring together your fragmented teams to work for one larger vision
  • Foolproof methods to stop whining, gossip,
    and sabotage
  • Why almost every business is dangerously misguided in its approach to employee motivation
Slide Image 2

Profit-Growth™ Essentials, Master the 7 Breakthrough Strategies of Top-Performing Businesses

Top performers and “the rest of the herd” approach strategy in profoundly different ways…generating vastly different results. In this dynamic presentation, Roxanne explores:

  • Why the path to higher profits is found on the revenue side, not the expense side
  • Why “brand awareness” is worthless…and “brand insistence” is priceless
  • How to make whatever the economy is doing
    nearly irrelevant
  • Why many well-meaning management practices actually sabotage results
Slide Image 3

Profound Transformations, Radically Transform Your Company for More Profit-Rich Growth

You don’t have two years to turn things around—you’ll be roadkill long before then. In this powerhouse presentation, Roxanne shows you the ironclad systems for integrating strategy, marketing, sales, and service to generate results
like these:

  • Double service scores within 30 days
  • Rapidly grow sales by 30 percent to well over 100 percent
  • Foolproof methods to stop whining, gossip, and sabotage
  • Transform to alive and passionate places to work

Best speaker I’ve heard in my 30-plus years in the banking business.”

—Don Van Hoeck,

Vice President, London Bridge Group

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I love this book! Roxanne Emmerich’s ability to transform organizations is nothing short of miraculous. She’s the real deal. Every employer should have this book for every employee.”

—Jack Canfield,

author of The Success Principles and coauthor of the Chicken
Soup for the Soul®

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Thank God It’s Monday™! U (TGIMU) is Roxanne’s purpose-built multimillion-dollar proprietary learning platform to compress time-to-top-performance for your entire workforce, building competence, consistency, and confidence.

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