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Roxanne Emmerich offers virtual speaking programs to ignite your organization’s sales and service culture. Each program Roxanne offers is 100 percent customized to achieve the breakthrough results and motivation you need.

Her virtual keynotes, seminars and workshops are full of enthusiasm, professionalism and energy and will leave you with strategies and ideas you can apply immediately to transform your workplace culture. She speaks on these topics in news and podcast interviews, as well.

Roxanne's Most Requested Speaking Topics:

Thank God It's Monday™

How to Build a Motivating Workplace

Based on her best-selling business book by the same name, this presentation by Roxanne is all about your employees and your workplace.

Specifically, are your people bringing all of their passion, commitment, skills and enthusiasm to the workplace everyday? Do you need a way to bring together your fragmented teams to work for one larger vision? Are dysfunctional viruses such as whining, gossip, and sabotage contaminating the spirit of winning you want to create? Roxanne also explains why almost every business is 'dead wrong' with their approach to motivating employees!

Other topics covered in this presentation include:

  • Explore why many well-meaning management practices actually sabotage results.
  • Understand how to attract and motivate top performers.

Profit-Growth Essentials

How to Master the 7 Breakthrough Strategies of Top-Performing Businesses

Did you ever get the feeling there's a better way to do the job? While researching her book Profit-Growth Banking: How to Master 7 Breakthrough Strategies of Top-Performing Banks, Roxanne Emmerich discovered that the differences in strategy between the top performers and the rest of the herd in any business venture are profound.

In this dynamic presentation, Roxanne offers ways you can:

  • Catapult your revenue and profits—regardless of the economy.
  • Create winning positioning that attracts more high-profit customers and high-potential members.
  • Understand why almost every business is 'dead wrong' when it comes to their sales and marketing strategies.
  • Create an environment where people thrive and work with enthusiasm that breathes new life into your business' bottom line.
  • Explore why many well-meaning management practices actually sabotage results.
  • Understand how to attract and motivate top performers.
  • Find out how to do more with less and better than ever by outsmarting your competition.

Profound Transformations

How to Radically Transform Your Company for More Profit-Rich Growth

Some people insist that it takes two years to ''transform a culture.'' Roxanne Emmerich says, ''Only if you say so!''

If you're ready to witness a miracle before your very eyes, know that it is possible. Roxanne has seen it happen after a one-day program; hundreds of companies have doubled their service scores within 30 days. And almost as many have seen sales growth increases from 30 percent to well over 100 percent.

The real miracle is seeing how these organizations have become alive and passionate places to work, with focused energy and iron-clad systems for integrating strategy, marketing, sales, and service (we know this doesn't sound possible-but it is.)

Other topics covered in this presentation include:

  • Dramatically increase your service scores in 30 days.
  • Increase sales growth.
  • Integrate marketing, sales and service effectively.

TEG has been great for us, especially with helping us understand that it’s all about value building relationships with each other and our customers. It’s important for us all, regardless of our role, to become experts, and we all have a commitment to our customers. Banking can be fun! Don’t be on the fence – it’s a no-brainer to attend this. Once you make your customers happy, your sales will increase and there will be huge opportunities for your bank.

J. Moss
Farmers State Bank

We not only met EVERY goal in ALL our branches, but we exceeded many of our goals by 100 percent! Our entire organization acts like a team! I can’t imagine any CEO who wouldn’t want this.

C. Hoffman
President and CEO, The Richwood Banking Company

We grew 21 percent while decreasing FTEs by 11 percent and raising net interest margin 52 basis points since working with you. 100 percent of our new loan customers are referrals from current customers or centers of influence. Not a week goes by when I don’t get a call from a client complimenting my staff. I don’t even remember it happening before we made this shift. Our top 100 customers are sending business our way, and we’re not really having to work hard to get new businessAnd our lenders don’t even try or ask to meet the pricing of the competition. They know they’re worth more. A few years ago, they wouldn’t have believed they were worth the extra money.

K. Miller
President and CEO, The Farmers Bank

We hit our goals for next year a year earlier—all in one year!

I confess – for quite a few years we’ve been running a small fire department at this bank as it applied to growing the bank. Having a fire break out, reacting to the bell like Pavlov’s dogs, racing to the fire and calling in some outside firefighters to help, and usually putting it out – only to have another one erupt and, ultimately, the same problem burst into flames again.

It took a while to actually admit there might be another way. When we began working with Roxanne, for the first time, I saw a genuinely different, organized approach. We got buy-in for and installed procedures that worked and kept working. As a consequence, we hit our goals for next year a year earlier—all in one year!And we had one guy who far exceeded the chart of what we thought was possible! But honestly, I feel this is just the beginning.

C. Floyd
President, First National Bank, Kansas

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