Rave Reviews for Roxanne Emmerich

More Praise for Roxanne Emmerich and The Emmerich Group

TEG has been great for us, especially with helping us understand that it’s all about value building relationships with each other and our customers. It’s important for us all, regardless of our role, to become experts, and we all have a commitment to our customers. Banking can be fun! Don’t be on the fence – it’s a no-brainer to attend this. Once you make your customers happy, your sales will increase and there will be huge opportunities for your bank.

J. Moss
Farmers State Bank

We not only met EVERY goal in ALL our branches, but we exceeded many of our goals by 100 percent! Our entire organization acts like a team! I can’t imagine any CEO who wouldn’t want this.

C. Hoffman
President and CEO, The Richwood Banking Company

We grew 21 percent while decreasing FTEs by 11 percent and raising net interest margin 52 basis points since working with you. 100 percent of our new loan customers are referrals from current customers or centers of influence. Not a week goes by when I don’t get a call from a client complimenting my staff. I don’t even remember it happening before we made this shift. Our top 100 customers are sending business our way, and we’re not really having to work hard to get new businessAnd our lenders don’t even try or ask to meet the pricing of the competition. They know they’re worth more. A few years ago, they wouldn’t have believed they were worth the extra money.

K. Miller
President and CEO, The Farmers Bank

We hit our goals for next year a year earlier—all in one year!

I confess – for quite a few years we’ve been running a small fire department at this bank as it applied to growing the bank. Having a fire break out, reacting to the bell like Pavlov’s dogs, racing to the fire and calling in some outside firefighters to help, and usually putting it out – only to have another one erupt and, ultimately, the same problem burst into flames again.

It took a while to actually admit there might be another way. When we began working with Roxanne, for the first time, I saw a genuinely different, organized approach. We got buy-in for and installed procedures that worked and kept working. As a consequence, we hit our goals for next year a year earlier—all in one year!And we had one guy who far exceeded the chart of what we thought was possible! But honestly, I feel this is just the beginning.

C. Floyd
President, First National Bank, Kansas

Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for speaking at our Executive Orientation Workshop…..We administered conference evaluation forms and nearly all of the 215 attendees made it a point to hand-write comments on your performance (we did not ask them to do this)….’On a scale of 1 to 5, Roxanne scored a 10!!’…Hopefully , we’ll have the oportunity to work together again.

Sam Spinello
Northeast Regional Director, EDS

I’ve always said that if our competitors got hold of Roxanne’s information, we’d be in trouble. Fortunately, we found her first….Roxanne’s systems work—especially during times like these.

Al Tubbs
CEO, Ohnward Bancshares, Inc.

You were easily our favortite presenter….Everyone returning an evaluation rated you an ‘A’ (excellent), with many adding spontaneous pluses and comments such as ‘fabulous’ and ‘inspiring’.

Thomas O'Dowd
Directer Of Meetings, Alliance

You certainly ‘Took our group to the next level!’ Thank you so much for the wisdom and laughter you provided!…We will no longer ‘Think or Play Small’ and I believe each one of us created our own personal vision, thanks to you.

Vickie Thoreson
Regional Sales Director, Blue Cross & Blue Shield United of Wisconsin

Roxanne Emmerich has shown companies all over the nation how to make people look forward to Monday. Her ideas reflect basic human values and understanding that can be rare in today’s intense work life.

Gary Hoover
Serial Entrepreneur and Founder, Hoover's Business Information Service and Hooversworld.com

The agents are still talking about Roxanne and the insights she provided. Several agents came up to me after Roxanne spoke and told me she was their new hero. Many expressed pleasure at how well her message identified our current concerns and how well her ideas could be implemented into their business plans.

John F. Webb
Agency Field Executive, State Farm Insurance Companies

It was delightful to work with you again…Of course I was not surprised to learn from our evaluations that you received more ‘excellents’ than any of our other speakers. After the outstanding evaluations and the comments from our conference last October, I knew that you would be a hit. Your warm, honest, down to earth demeanor is refreshing and creates a rapport with any audience.

Carol Parker
Manager Meetings and Events, Experian

We administered conference evaluation forms and nearly all of the 215 attendees made it a point to hand-write comments on your performance (we did not ask them to do this). On a scale of 1 to 5, Roxanne scored a 10!! Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to work together again.

Sam Spinello
Northeast Regional Director, EDS

This program literally saved MY LIFE! If you need a new feeling of self worth then this program is for you. I sat behind my work desk for years and I literally felt my life draining from me…. And then The Emmerich Group came along and gave back my feeling of self worth and the confidence to go along with it. In short I’ve become a new person! Thank you Roxanne Emmerich for everything!

Christie Frizzell
Assistant VP, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass

The Emmerich Group (TEG) are our most important business partners. Their team provides us the insight, tools and coaching that is transforming who we are, and what we mean to our customers. #1 in my book!

Donald. A John
CEO, Minnesota National Bank

Before TEG I thought I was a good salesperson and set in my ways, but since working with them developed a discipline, enthusiasm, energy to accelerate further.

Warren Rice
SVP, Virginia Partners Bank

Best strategic planning process I’ve ever been a part of! Roxanne and her team kept us laser focused on the critical issues.

Trey Etcheson
CEO, Hoosier Heartland State Bank

Partners with TEG for six months and employee engagement has increased thanks to morning huddles and bankwide celebrations. Really exceeded expectations on impact to our culture.

Tom Rudy
Citizens and Northern Bank

Implementing TEG Sales Process over last 10 years has helped us make highly effective sales people, follow Tops and Smarts, and reaching out to Top 100 customers on regular basis.

Todd Stansil
EVP, First Volunteer Bank

Since Implementing the Emmerich 7-Step Retails Sales Process, we have been able to improve our new customer average cross-sales results from 2 to an average of 5.43 in just 5 months. We have seen improvement each month due largely to the ongoing coaching and training of the Process!

Steve Lewis
CEO, Thomaston Savings Bank

We set our goal to grow our core deposits by $1 million dollars a month, $12 million for the year, and through the first quarter of 2015 we are up $7 million. We believe what we are doing with The Emmerich Group is making a difference!

Sid Jones
President, Home State Bank
; 2016 Extraordinary Bank of the Year Winner

Began working with Emmerich Group four months ago. Had good culture coming but did not have systems and accountability that we are building right now. Greater creativity, collaboration and better way of doing things than we were before.

Sean Kouplen
Chairman & CEO, Regent Bank

I like the energy associated with Roxanne and the whole group and felt that was something we could implement with our bank. Pulled together moments of truth and standards that we can implement in our customer service. It was a change, and needed to be more professional. TEG is bringing excitement, helping us get standards in place so we can grow. We are positioned well to hit our 1-year strategic planning and moving forward on 3-year plan.

Rob Marwick
Chief Operating Officer, American Bank of the North